Thursday, December 20, 2007

At $1 per Watt, the iTunes of Solar Energy Has Arrived | SolveClimate.com Annotated

A Silicon Valley start-up called Nanosolar shipped its first solar panels -- priced at $1 a watt. That's the price at which solar energy gets cheaper than coal. Curious that this story is not on every front page.

While other companies have been focusing their efforts on increasing the efficiency of solar panels, Nanosolar took a different approach. It focused on manufacturing.

Nanosolar has developed proprietary process technology that makes it possible to produce 100x thinner solar cells 100x faster.

Nanosolar - The Third Wave of Solar Power Annotated

The First Wave started with the introduction of silicon-wafer based solar cells over three decades ago.

The Second Wave came about a decade ago with the arrival of the first commercial "thin-film" solar cells.

The Third Wave of solar power consists of companies addressing the above shortcomings and opportunities.

It is very exciting to me to see this type of thing occurring. There has been a bit of a cultural shift that seems to have happened gradually, but feels like a sudden change. There is a much greater awareness and a much larger number of people concerned about environmental issues. With talk from climatologists and biologists of the impending doom of the planet and humanity only a few years away and the equally millenarian perspective obtained by Moore's Law of technological advancement, Kurzweil's espousing of the coming Singularity, and the most important emergence Integral Theory, I am experiencing this moment as a crossroads. It's an exciting time to be alive, to say the least.

I am especially attracted to this company for it's vision and ability to provide a perspective of evolutionary advancement in the realm of solar technology (a very "integral" aspect).

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