My First Kiva Loan

Thursday, December 27, 2007

As my first Kiva loan, I selected Try Phov fairly randomly. I found it difficult to determine a good basis to discriminate which entrepreneurs I would like to support. I am assuming that if I end up making multiple loans I may discover a less random way to select. Truth of the matter seems to be that all the entrepreneurs are in need. All seem to be attempting to improve their situation.

I noticed while skimming through a couple of amazing things.

  1. It seems that there is still more demand for entrepreneurs to loan to than there is demand for loaners. This is very exciting! All the loans I looked at had just been added today and in the hour or so that I spent reading them, many loans disappeared having met their loan request amount and many new loans appeared to have been added.
  2. There was an entrepreneur from Iraq. I am very encouraged that there are microloaning agencies attempting to operate in Iraq. It is a more risky loan due to security concerns, but it does seem like a pretty good way to "do something" about the mess that we ("we" here being citizens of the U.S or "west", regardless of our personal stance on the war or attempts to prevent/stop it) have contributed to creating there.

Anyway, the point is that Kiva rocks!

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