Beauty and Spirit

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

This video resonates well with me. As I attempt to lead and increasingly spirit and integral-infused life, I find order and cleanliness to be real sticking points. I fear that it is actually ego-driven compulsive behavior, but I suspect there is more going on. I have always had a bit of compulsivity. I have always wanted my physical surroundings to be just right. I am very particular about ergonomics and certain aesthetics, usually with the emphasis on functionality. But nowadays I find it much easier to explain my behavior in wanting things orderly and "just right" by means of this ever present spiritual sense. I also viscerally feel the connection between orderliness in my room and house to an ability to focus in my mind. A few examples of my behavior along these lines:

  • I clean the kitchen before cooking a meal. It is functionally motivated, but more importantly, an uncluttered kitchen makes for an uncluttered meal.
  • I tend to first take care of my physical needs, eating, shopping etc. and then move on to my mental activities. Once again, an my mind functions much better having these other aspects taken care of first.
  • I like to work mornings, have afternoons off.
  • I find it easiest to access deep states of meditation first thing in the morning, before my mind starts thinking and cluttering.
I generally enjoy beautiful things and find it incredibly liberating to be able to enjoy them in this ultimate context. For that to be okay, is very wonderful. I could list hundreds of things I find aesthetically pleasing that I somewhat repress or don´t allow myself to consider pleasing because of the idea that it is profane (as opposed to sacred, or spiritual, or true). But just as Wilber says, it is all a part of the One, nothing can be separate.

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