Raw Food Trial: Day 1

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Yesterday, my partner Lindsay and I embarked upon a 5 day raw food trial in which we will only eat raw foods. We are also both vegetarian, so we won't be eating an raw meat either. I have some friends in Ohio who are vegan and sometimes experiment with periods of raw-heavy diets. They were the first to introduce me to the concept of raw foods. Apart from the environmental benefits, I've read pretty amazing accounts about the health gains, energy gains, and mental clarity gains from eating only raw foods. It has been fascinating for me to even think about this concept and about the difference between raw and cooked foods.

For me, going vegetarian wasn't that big of a step or that hard of a challenge. I found very few times where my body craved meat, and most of them occurred within the first three months of the transition. On the contrary, I think committing myself to not eating cooked foods will be a gigantic challenge. I love to cook, I love to eat cooked foods, and I'm not too fond of salads and other raw foods.

During day 1 of our trial, we both experienced hunger throughout the later parts of the day. We found that eating didn't seem to fill us up and so we both rather continuously snacked on nuts, seeds, and dried fruit, kim-chee salad, fruit, and green smoothies (spinach, chard, bananas, celery, water) all day. Last night we made a raw thai coconut soup, which was quite a laborious process. It provided me a little more comfort in feeling full, but I still felt strange. So far the biggest challenge for me seems to be a mental one and a creative one exemplified by the question, "what am I going to eat?!". I think I am making it worse by getting anxious about this question. It's just very difficult considering almost all of the meals I'd ordinarily fix are thrown out the window.

Overall day 1 wasn't too bad. I am pensive thinking about the potentially pure physical forms of withdrawal that could be coming (I've read accounts of intense headaches, body pains, and stomach aches).

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