Raw Food Trial: Day 4

Friday, August 29, 2008

After waking up tired and hungry, I had a pretty good day yesterday. Overall it seems to be getting a bit easier, probably because the anxiety of the change is fading. For instance, when going home from work yesterday and Wednesday, I didn't experience the same anxiety about what I was going to eat for dinner. Last night I made a conscious effort to eat more. I finished off the soup we made Monday night and had a full glass of fresh carrot, orange, ginger, and apple juice. I think I do better consuming raw liquids than solids. There is just something about the crunchiness of raw fruits and vegetables that has always bothered me. I'm much better now, but when I was a kid I wouldn't eat anything raw and crunchy.

Lindsay feels like it is getting easier and easier. We both really like the challenge and the commitment of doing something like this, almost to the point of making it worth any physical or psychological pain we might experience (it's part of the challenge after all!). She commented last night that there is something liberating, freeing about making a commitment like this and sticking to it. I very much agree and think she puts it really well. On a practical level even, the more restrictive you declare your diet, the easier it is to choose what to eat - less choices. I found this out a little over two years ago when I stopped eating meat. It really made eating in a restaurant so much easier because instead of something like 40 choices, I had 2.

On the physical level, both of our bodies feel a little better/healthier, but not significantly enough to say that it is most certainly because of the raw diet. I feel that it would take about 4 times this long to start to feel the most potent and beneficial physical effects I've read about. Knowing the end of our trial is near brings a little bit of sadness to me. I always want to take advantage of the situation and so part of me feels like we should keep going and continue to push ourselves. This is especially poignant knowing how difficult it is to get started (make the decision, commit to it, deal with the initial anxieties/cravings). Part of me feels like it would be a waste to stop now. The other part can't wait to eat some real food!!!

And so we enter day 5.

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