Raw Food Trial: Day 5

Saturday, August 30, 2008

On day 5 of our trial, yesterday, I woke up with tons of energy. I actually woke up an hour before my alarm clock, something that never happens to me! I think it is because I forced myself to eat more on Thursday night. It also could be accumulating effects of the raw cleanse. Lindsay said she woke up and just wasn't hungry. We've both had strangely long periods throughout the week where we just weren't hungry. I've heard this is a characteristic that happens with a raw diet, you don't need three meals and often times have long stretches of not being hungry.

For Lindsay, the overall effect of the week was feeling "cleaner". She feels like her body is more clean and clear and feels liberated from needing cooked foods. I think this is a good way of describing the way I feel as well. In fact, I'm writing this at 2:30pm on Saturday (day 6) and neither of us has eaten cooked food yet. One thing I am worried about doing is putting cooked food up on this pedestal, due to cravings or hunger, and then getting totally disappointed in it. It seems like it would be kind of wasteful to go back to cooked food and come to find out that it's not that great anyway. As I've mentioned before, Lindsay and I are both the type who really enjoy pushing ourselves to extremes and challenging ourselves to always take that next step. In that vein, it's really nice to do something goal oriented like this together because we are able to support and push each other. I suppose we already have the daily challenge of raising a child, but this is nice because it is a choice we made to make our lives different/better. I strongly believe we are our best in relationship when we're working as a team on something.

At the end of the week I weighed 180.5. Having forgotten to weigh myself at the beginning of the week, I would venture a guess that I lost up to 5 lbs. One of the main things that attracts me to doing something like this is the challenge and the unfolding that happens when trying something new. The unfolding is really the ability to see something from a new perspective which comes about by performing an injunction, an experiment (just like the scientific process). In this case, I can see what life would be like on a raw diet. I can see and appreciate a perspective that experiences cooked food as a drug, perhaps an extremely addictive drug. And at the end of the day, even raw food is a drug. Which leads to one of the most intriguing parts of this whole thing. Food, like drugs, possessions, money, emotions, is just another part of this relative plane of existence and with it is characterized by impermanence, duality, and relativity. And thus, in the big picture, it's not that important. Granted, on the relative plane, it's really damn important! But in my life I've had numerous experiences of something different, something permanent, something singular, something ultimate. In this case, a different plane of existence, an ultimate plane. The ascetic life attracts me because I think it has the chance of giving me more easy access to this ultimate plane. And in this vein, perhaps the less time I devote and preoccupy my attention with what I am going to eat the easier it will be to re-purpose that time and energy towards more ultimate concerns.

What I am really striving for though, is a balance. I want to be as healthy as I can be in this body and in this physical life so that I can be a better person in the world. So that I have more energy for those around me whom I love so much. So that I have more energy and clarity to explore my own consciousness. So that I have more energy, inspiration, and insight to be an impactful presence in this world in a more global sense. And so one last reason for doing this trial and hopeful outcome is that in doing this we can be an inspiration for anyone who comes across this to try something new in their own life. To give back the inspiration to the world in payment for the inspiration we were given by those individuals who took innumerable leaps and trials before us. And for me personally, as I've said in a previous post, I want to be the type of force that pushes you off the edge when you're staring at it wondering if you should/could take a step.

I'll provide more updates if we end up extending the trial...

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