Our Fourth Instinct

Sunday, November 2, 2008

This seems to me to indicate support for the "God" impulse extending to all sentient beings, not just humans.

The well-known psychologist Ronald Siegel has written about the drive of human beings to seek out alternative states of consciousness. These are seen as a fourth major instinctual drive among all animal species. Siegel has documented hundreds of cases where animals seek out and consume natural psychoactive substances. De Rios, too, in her cross-cultural studies has explored beliefs that animals teach human beings about hallucinogenic plants.

It's amazing to me how pervasive this instinct is in myself and in the wider society around me. In recent explorations of raw dieting, I have become very aware of the mind-altering effects of ordinary food. I find hunger and the resultant cravings to be a normally unconscious force that when revealed to the conscious eye are tremendously powerful.

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