30 Day Raw Trial - Day 1

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Today marks day one of Lindsay and I's 30 day raw trial. After doing a 5 day raw trial back in August, we have been gearing up to try an extended trial. This gear-up has included reading more about a raw/living foods diet, preparing more raw recipes, and purchasing a Vita-Mix blender, a dehydrator, and a couple of raw recipe books. While we hope to make it to 30 days, we may have to modify the plan because we will be traveling to prospective graduate schools in mid March, perhaps making completing 30 days too difficult. We'll see...

Since last August I have been eating only raw foods during the day at work and cooked foods only at night. So, for the last several months, I have been eating about 35% raw/living foods (I didn't generally follow this on the weekends). Over the last few weeks, I have tried to extend the day time raw eating to the weekends, making my current diet about 50% raw/living foods. This, however, is far different from 100% raw, but I hope my increase in raw foods will make the transition easier.

My main goal is to actually gain weight during the trial. Since August, I have been consistently losing weight and I start this trial at 172 lbs. For my height, I am underweight and would like to build back some of that weight in muscle. One of my tests for the trial will be to see if I can healthily put on weight. I think this will be a good test to see if 100% raw foods can be healthy for me. What most excites me about the trial however is the potential mental clarity and energy gains. Many raw foodists go on and on about the difference between eating cooked and living foods and I am hoping 30 days will be enough time for me to get a glimpse.

While we are shooting for 100% raw, there will be some technical exceptions. For instance, I plan on drinking pasteurized almond milk, some pasteurized juices, and tea. I also plan on eating dark chocolate, some rolled whole grains, and these small organic ginger chews I occasionally eat. While perhaps not pure 100% raw, I think we will get close enough. It is really difficult to strike a balance between doing this diet for real and being practical and I am concerned that we will be too hard on ourselves, souring the whole experience.

So, wish us luck!

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