30 Day Raw Trial Update - Day 7

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

This has definitely been a rough 7 days. Despite all our preparation, Lindsay and I both find ourselves completely unprepared. At least now we have recipes books and the equipment we need to make raw meals, but we certainly do not have the mindset it takes to plan so far ahead in order to have food to eat day in and day out. It seems like each recipe takes 3-7 days to make (from sprouting to soaking to preparing to dehydrating)! More importantly, neither of us have found staple meals that are relatively easy to prepare and that we genuinely enjoy eating.

But, this has been a rocky start for other reasons. After the first couple days I started having occasional stomach aches and cramps. Then, on Saturday I woke up vomiting (sorry for the full disclosure). In bed most of the day Saturday, I didn't eat much of anything. Since then, I've relied on Lindsay to do all the shopping and preparing of food and she's done an awesome job! Nonetheless, after getting sick on raw foods, I'm still queasy about eating more raw foods. Until yesterday, I was still experiencing mild stomach discomfort.

Throughout these pains, Lindsay has been thinking that maybe something is wrong beyond the detox symptoms we're likely to experience without eating any cooked foods. It's really tricky trying to figure out if the problems are real problems or just detox symptoms. Most of the detox symptoms reported on such a diet are very wide ranging and vague. And most people simply say that you have to use your intuition and go to the doctor if you think something is wrong. However, there are two slight problems with this advice:

  1. Most doctors advise against a raw diet and don't understand the reasons and motivations for trying such a thing. For instance, the last doctor I saw did not even understand vegetarianism, so I find it difficult to believe that a doctor would be sensitive to such a radical diet. My dad recently mentioned what we are doing to his doctor, and his doctor kindly said that he thinks it's a really bad idea.
  2. When undergoing something so challenging, it's really difficult to determine what my intuition is vs. my desire to eat cooked foods again.
Anyway, as I said in my previous post, we'd likely have to shorten the trial because we will be traveling in a couple weeks. So, we've decided to shorten the trial to just 10 days for three reasons:
  1. We'll be traveling and likely won't be able to maintain the diet while traveling.
  2. The pains we've experienced and the unsureness of not knowing if they were caused by legitimate detox or something else.
  3. Buying so much produce at this time of the year in this location (middle of Kansas) is incredibly expensive. It seems like a better idea to try this long of a trial during the growing season when we can get fresher, cheaper produce from the farmer's markets. (This is something we had in mind before starting, but we were anxious to get the trial started because we'd already been putting it off for months)

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