Updating anomie

Sunday, March 1, 2009


To explain why the current hyper-networked and technologized world is inhabited by more narcissitic, individualized, and unhappy individuals than ever, an updated view of anomie and the homeless mind is needed. This will involve contextualizing the extant research and theory to its timeframe and theoretical period. Importantly, this will allow us to go beyond, and include, modernist critiques in an integrated and evolutionary analysis of the "crisis of significance."
My hypothesis is that even though the analysis given in The Homeless Mind is brilliant, it was written for a particular context that may not be totally applicable today, some 36 years later. It was written in an intellectual epoch that saw a great shift in thought and discourse which is usually described as the shift to postmodernism. This shift was spurned on by a large movement in the center of gravity of the American and Western population, namely from a modern center of consciousness to a postmodern center of consciousness.

In order to update the concept of the "homeless mind" and the concept of "anomie" I will scour the literature trying to find theoretical evidence for their existence today. With the findings, I will attempt to string together a complete picture of the "crisis of significance", demonstrating the different arguments for its existence or non-existence over time. Lastly, I also plan to begin cross-posting my research to Integral Life. As I utilize an Integral framework to guide me, I hope to engage the Integral community in some sort of dialog to ascertain their view on the matter and to potentially receive assistance with my analysis. This could lead to possible interviews down the line if what I post sparks interest.

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