Crisis of significance video "script"

Monday, April 13, 2009

As a result of running out of time, here is my outline/"script" of my video on the crisis of significance created by the modern world. It represents about one third of my overall video, the other parts of which I will post the script of asap.

1-Modernity brought anonymity into the lives of ordinary people.
-random footage of things modern: steam engine, factories, railroads, cities
1-Industrial labor caused individuals to work in system where they are anonymous functionaries.
-assembly line footage
1-The system needs the individuals to be anonymous so that they are replaceable > system is redundant.
-assembly line footage: visually bring out idea of replaceability
1-The industrial system also caused people to live in larger communities closer together.
-footage of early industrial cityscape, people moving amongst it
1-In this environment, everyone does not know your name.
-footage of random functionary type interaction, cheers theme song, maybe pic of cheers
2-To cope with anonymous roles/circumstances, individual experiences less real vs. more real selves.
2-On the assembly line individual feels less real than at home with her family.
-flash btwn assembly line individual and Mrs. Cleaver/other individual at home
2-Individuals begin engineering their sense of self, a metaphor of industrial engineering
-footage of industrial engineering, putting together of pieces, engineering drawings
-contrast footage of person being put together (operation) as symbol of engineering the self?
2-Engineering the self creates uncertainty, no longer certain of who she is (it is an intuitive dilemma for a human to experience feeling not/less herself (not existential uncertainty, just practical uncertainty))("how am I not myself" I Heart Huckabees)
-I heart huckabees scene (not copyright kosher?)
2-Individual becomes uncertain of others just as of self > anonymous social relations
-footage of individuals relating with blacked out heads
3-The source of the engineering of the self is being in anonymous roles/circumstances
-footage (need symbol for "engineering the self") person in crowd?
3-More anonymous roles/circumstances => more engineering => more uncertainty
-footage person in bigger crowd (more of symbol for "engineering the self")
3-We form meaning/significance thru our relationships with others
-people hugging, kissing, crying, shaking hands, family, lovers
3-The more uncertainty of ourselves/others the more difficult it is to form meaning/significance
-footage of ppl around each other not hugging, kissing, crying, shaking hands
3-Crisis of significance in the modern world
-still pic of something that represents the modern (can be contemporary) world: cityscape?

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