Video outline

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The following is my first outline for my final project video in Digital Ethnography.

  • Modernity brought with it a "crisis of significance"
    • anonymous social relations introduced to everyday life
      • system requires these relations
    • engineering of the self
      • individual experiences less real selves
    • individual feels homeless
      • struggles to find meaning when anonymous
    • this grand shift cannot/does not fully explain contemporary predicament
  • Today, in the postmodern "information age", we experience "crises of significance"
    • last 50 yrs we've moved from modern techno-economic society to postmodern
      • movements from 60s, 70s
      • manifestation in academia
      • emphasis on information/connectedness
    • now feel both modern and postmodern "crises of significance"
      • postmodern struggles to find significance anywhere
        • plagued by relativism, deconstructionism
        • meaning found in surfaces/surface level evaluations
          • attempt to fight off anonymity to increase surface meaning
      • everything's amazing, no one's happy
        • more connected than ever, yet pervasive loneliness ensues
  • The future will yield a reintegration of significance
    • we, the world, will only survive for so long experiencing all selves as less real
    • ultra-connectedness offers opportunity to see all selves as real

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