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Thursday, February 9, 2012

This evening I'm heading to the first monthly Ann Arbor Show and Tell for Makers meetup. Its purpose: show small creative side projects to each other to share what you're doing and get inspired in return. Tonight I'll be showing a little project I undertook to hide my DVD player.

Attribution: snowpeak

Not long ago, lightning struck my house. Many of my electronics got fried. After saving money for a few months, I was able to buy some shiny new ones. The most important of those was a new integrated amplifier from Peachtree Audio. I bought this for its flexibility, its entry level audiofile quality fidelity, AND its design.

There was one small problem though when I got it setup. My little tv/entertainment stand that I made in 9th grade woodshop class wasn't wide enough to place my DVD and/or other electronics alongside it. Plus, recall, I bought the Peachtree nearly as much for aesthetic appeal as for its other features. So, I wanted it to be the centerpiece and wanted to simplify everything else.

So, instead of placing my DVD player on top of the amplifier, I wanted to hide it away somewhere else. Since I don't use the DVD player often, this seemed reasonable. Plus, the amplifier has vents on top that need to be free of any restricting airflow, or else risk overheating the amp, causing the DVD player on top arrangement to endanger the amplifier. The amplifier is also heavy, which would have crushed the DVD player underneath it if it were below.

Since the tv stand has a nice wooden overlay on front, I thought it might be nice to hide the DVD player up under it and swing it down when needed.

My search began, I searched the WHOLE internet and local hardware stores for the perfect hinged solution. I didn't find it. But, I recalled the kitchen of my parents house where a dropdown recipe holder is installed under overhead cabinets. It has hinges that swing down to allow recipes to be easily viewed, and then hid out of place when done with them. So, I scoured the internet for these hinges.

Hardware Hut came to the rescue.

One Saturday afternoon I set to installing them.

And voilá, a hidden shelf for my DVD player to suit my aesthetic sensibilities!

I hope:

I hope this is just a start. As you can see, I used some crappy scrap wood for the shelf. I'd like to get a nice piece of finished wood in there instead. More importantly, I think it'd be super awesome to attach a motor and some sort of remote controlled actuator to lower and raise the shelf at the push of a button. Alas, I know not how to do these things... do you?

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