Cat Scratch

Thursday, March 8, 2012

This evening I'm heading to the second monthly Ann Arbor Show and Tell for Makers meetup. Its purpose: show small creative side projects to each other to share what you're doing and get inspired in return. Tonight I'll be showing a little project I undertook to make a scratch post for my cat.

Before we get started, there are two important things you need to know about me:

  1. I have a cat
  2. I eat rice
I really hate stuff. I love cool stuff that I use, but I hate what happens when the stuff wears out or I no longer need the stuff. I hate disposing of it and I hate having it sit around because I don't know a proper way to dispose of it in a sustainable fashion.

As a result, I really get a kick out of fashioning new things out of old things, things I'd ordinarily have to dispose of in some way.

My kitten is a year and a half old. 

When I got her, I didn't know what I was doing. 

So, I went to the pet store and looked at fancy cat scratch-post-play-habitats. They looked great!

Then I saw how ridiculously overpriced they are.

So, I promised my kitty I'd make her one instead.

As I mentioned above, I eat rice. Kind of a lot of it. The rice I buy comes in these really cool burlap bags. I have a lot of them...

One day it dawned on me, burlap would make a great scratch post material! So, I decided to use the burlap and an old kitchen table I was no longer using to make a nifty scratch post play habitat for my kitty.

This table has a really nice base, great to make a solid base and provide plenty of scratch area.

I de-stitched all the burlap bags and ripped out the zippers.


I took my handyman tools and moved the base from the center of the table out to the edge, to make it easier for kitty to climb.

I wrapped the table base and legs in the burlap.

And then I sawed the table into a smaller shape, more centered around the new base location, and conveniently squared off to fit nicely into a corner.

This is just a start. Next I'm going to add more levels to the play habitat, and wrap the rest in a combination of old carpet and burlap rice bags.

Oh I hope she likes it!

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